ACTIVITY Production of rubber materials, rubber-metal
CITY Gevgelija
ADDRESS Industriska St. 1480 Gevgelija, Macedonia
TEL. ++389 (0)34/231 637, 231 771
FAX. ++389 (0)34/ 231 772
MOBILE. ++389 (0)70/219 037
MAIL tehnoprodukt_gevgelija@yahoo.com
WWW www.tehnoprodukt.com.mk


CONTACT PERSON Blaze Rizov - manager
TEHNOPRODUKT is established on 30th of October 1990 as production firm for rubber and metal. In its beginning, the production line entailed production of rubber parts but in small quantities, however over time the product list increased. Along with the increase in the production, TEHNOPRODUKT sensed the need of becoming vertically integrated. To elaborate on this, it began to produce its own molds (needed for producing a certain part, which by than was outsourced), and afterwards it began to produce its own rubber mixture (the raw material needed for a product to be manufactured). The products are characterized with a quality that satisfies the needs of the buyer in terms of endurance, functionality, and durability.

rubber mixture;
1rubber rings for the transportation belts with different dimensions;
rubber shock absorber,
metal products (screws, spools, axels, cogwheels, etc),
hoses for hydraulics and pneumatics for high and low pressure etc,
Repair of coolers.
filter assembling etc

The mentioned products are used in the transport i.e. transportation belts, vehicles, food industry, hydraulics and pneumatics.

1The production plant is situated in theindustrial area of Gevgelija encompassing a space of 7300 m2 out of which 1400 are administration and production building, 500 m2warehouse, 200 parking lot, 650 yard, 500 m2 park and the rest is left for future needs.

The process of producing the rubber parts includes construction of a mold, production of the mold, examination of the material of the part that needs to be produced, production of the rubber needed with a predetermined recipe, and finally making of the product through a pressing process.

The step when a mixture is produced involves thermical treatment of a raw material (rubber mixed with additives) which takes place in a special bemper mixer. The final product ofthis
process is a rubber mixture ready forvulcanization.1

The production capacity of the abovementioned process is 2000 and above units per day.


-Graphic rollers for offset prints: transfer, developer and charger rollers, water-alcoholic, wet with a sock, firm develop rollers made of a special material ebonized elastoplasts
-Graphic rollers for flex print: ink rollers for printing onto paper and polymer foil used for a work with water-dissolvent and thinner-dissolvent inks.
-Rollers covered with silicone
-Rollers for charging of the UV lacquer
-Profile rollers
-Rollers for the paper industry
-Rollers for the textile industry
-Rollers for the food industry1
-Rollers for the machine industry
-Rollers for the metal industry
-Rollers for the woodworking industry
-Rollers for the leather industry
-Rollers for the mining industry
-Rollers for the building industry
-Rollers for the plastic industry

Technical characteristics:
-hardness: 25?100 ShA
-tapered deflection: < 0.1mm
-radial deflection: < 0.05mm
-smoothness of the surface: according to the predetermined demands by the buyer
-chemical permanency of the rubber: depending on the need of the rubber
-colour: according to the needs of the buyer
-warranty: 6 months


With the mentioned companies a long relationship has been established, and in the future more customers are to be attracted by setting an even better marketing strategy

TEHNOPRODUKT have a very good bussines cooporation with lots companies from Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and Bulgaria.

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